Freediver Course

$ 990.000 COP


In recent years it has become one of the fastest growing sports in which divers develop and train themselves to extend the length of their breathhold underwater. Freediving has been around for centuries as a way for people to explore the underwater world and also as a way to gather food. Divers also train to reach depths beyond those of recreational scuba diver training for enjoyment or competition. There are many disciplines within freediving, the most common being either breath-holding known as Static Apnea, typically done in a pool, or one of several depth rated disciplines in which divers challenge their depth limits.

Unlike Scuba Diving, Freediving requires very little equipment to get started. Typically a mask, snorkel, fins and wetsuit are all a diver will need. As it can be practiced in almost any environment with water accessibility. The costs are also substantially lower.

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