Certified Diver – Fun Dives

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The Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta is the world’s highest coastal mountain range, the shore is only 42 kilometers away from its highest peak (Pico Colon 5.775 msn).

Tayrona Park is located at the foot  these mountains on the Caribbean Sea, its location is privileged and unique, free of hurricanes and similar phenomena. Its proximity to the high mountains makes cold winds come down and move water from the surface, bringing clean water full of nutrients up to the surface. Life is very dense and colorful. It is rare to see large animals although barracudas, rays and turtles among others are seen quite often. Typically it is full of small and medium creatures of all description. Hard and soft corals and fish of all colors decorate this wonderful place.

If you already are a certified diver and your main objective is to have fun while you explore Tayrona Park, you will dive only with certified Divers.

This is a one day / two tank session. Professional guiding, complete rental gear and snack between dives are included. Usually we will take a break at our cabana or on a beautiful beach in the park.

We have daily trips to Tayrona Park where we choose the best dive site available.



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