About Taganga



In its early days Taganga was a charming fishing village, then it was a destination for hippies, backpackers and hikers; to finally becoming what it is today. A Destination and refuge for artists, bohemians, intellectuals and wealthy nature lovers!!!!

Is located in front of the beautiful bay, which shares its name, surrounded by the mountain foothills of the majestic Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta National Park and limits to the north with the incredible Tayrona National Park.

Until recent years, getting to this town was a complete adventure, totally isolated and forgotten by politicians and leaders of nearby Santa Marta (oldest city in South America).  But it was worth it!!! Its paradisiacal beauty, the magic of the place, its location on the Colombian Caribbean, encouraged many people to make the effort, and gradually people from many nationalities, especially Europeans and nationals decided to try a little of this paradise. After  few years this village grew very quickly,  tourism became its first economic activity,  displacing fishing (tradition continued by some natives). Older residences and fishermen’s houses were transformed into bars, restaurants, hostels and dive shops which also offer many kinds of services and accommodations.

Coexistence between people from different nationalities (German, Swiss, French, Spanish, Italian, etc.) and nationals contributed to enriching the bay and this area as one of the world’s diving destinations. There are many dive sites for all levels of dives according to the level of training. Underwater life here is really dense, colorful and completely unique.

In addition, to close the story, Taganga is in a hurricane free area and does not suffer from any similar phenomena.

There are several options to stay in Taganga, for all budgets, interests and styles. You will find mainly three formats, Hotels, Hostels and apartment or room renting. Once you make plans to come, please ask for recommendations.